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[ human music ]

[ human music ]

"Ostinato (Suite for Angela)", Herbie Hancock

Jack Towse (Trumpet), Michalis Tsiftsis (Guitar), Sean Lowery (Synths/Percussion), Sam Towse (Piano), Chris Palmer (Bass), Andrés Valbuena (Drums).

Recorded as part of Sam's bachelor's recital at Manhattan School of Music in 2020.

"Waves", Sam Towse

Sam Towse (all instruments)

Recorded as part of an electric project at Manhattan School of Music in 2018.

"Part IV - Caged Bird", Adi Meyerson

Marquis Hill (Trumpet), Anne Drummond (Flute), Lucas Pino (Bass Clarinet), Sam Towse (Piano), Adi Meyerson (Bass), Kush Abadey (Drums), Camille Thurman (Vocals).

Recorded & Mixed by David Staller at Samurai Studios
Mastered by Michael Perez Cisneros at Big Orange Sheep
Cover Photo by Ronald Stewart
Cover art and design by Adi meyerson

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